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7 Principles of Investing

“When the wind is out our back and waters are relatively calm I prefer lower cost passive asset allocation and emphasize buy and hold; we call this a sailing strategy.  But when the economic winds are hurting and the waters of the market are more violent and unpredictable, like we are seeing in today’s uncertain political and economic environment, I focus more on active managers and active asset allocation strategies with an emphasis on controlling downside risk.  This is what we call a rowing strategy.

This concept of rowing and sailing is in comparison to using only one asset allocation strategy, I use a combination of four active and passive strategies all the time.  Since most people have not heard of this approach before, I will educate you so you can decide for yourself the merits of this strategy”.

- Mark J. Stevens, CFP®, ChFC®

Our 7 Principles of Investing

Goal-Focused Investing vs. Market Investing

Our goal is to help you preserve and protect what is most important to you and your family through our strategic approach to asset allocation and investment planning.  

Principle 1 

Performance is not a goal.  We seek the best return available for a given time horizon with the least amount of stress to our client.

Principle 2

Portfolios should not follow “the market” but the individual needs of investors and their families.  Age, investment horizon, risk tolerance, etc. are all important factors in selecting appropriate investment vehicles.

Principle 3

Management Style: Active vs. Passive. We do both through a Core/Satellite approach.  Our core is passive and we use an active overlay when appropriate; as well as a blend of alternative asset classes when appropriate.

Principle 4 

Disciplined diversification: We have a proactive asset allocation philosophy according to market valuations, current government fiscal policies, and global trends. During Secular Bull market patterns we usually use passive with an active overlay; as well as a blend of alternative asset classes when appropriate. During Secular Bear market patterns we place more emphasis on active and alternative asset classes.

Principle 5 

The dominant determinant of long term return is not what the portfolio does but what an investor does.

Principle 6

The fee paid allows us to diversify your portfolio, aligning it with your needs, and help prevent emotional decision-making.

Principle 7 

The asset allocation mix is critical.  Your portfolio must be able to support a potential three-decades in retirement and still endow meaningful legacies.

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