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3 Stages of Wealth Event Planning

“As a wealth event planner you can depend on me to be your strongest ally not only during the easy times but when unexpected events threaten your financial peace. There’s an old proverb that goes, luck is when preparation meets opportunity, I believe that’s a great way to think of financial event planning. And while we plan for the best we must also prepare for the worst by helping you manage, reduce and even potentially eliminate the risks you face in your financial life.”

- Mark J. Stevens, CFP®, ChFC®

Planning for all of Life’s Financial Events

Wealth Event Planning is a comprehensive 3-stage approach to financial planning that

follows a logical progression to developing strategies that seek to help build wealth and financial health.

  • Will you be prepared to tackle life’s milestones with purpose and confidence?
  • Are you prepared to fund your retirement income needs for up to three decades?
  • Do you have a plan to replace the income your family depends on in the event of your death or disability?
  • How will rising healthcare costs, inflation and market volatility impact your income in retirement?
  • Do you plan to “borrow” money from retirement assets to pay for a child’s education?

Planning for both minor and major events in life is typically done in stages from inception to execution. Sometimes life catches you by surprise with not much time to respond effectively. With the help of a seasoned professional utilizing well-practiced and time tested methodologies, an effective reaction to life’s financial events becomes a natural response.

Like an important medical procedure, Financial Event Planning requires the expertise of a professional practitioner and a personalized treatment plan. The type of procedure and the patient’s results will depend greatly on the individual’s health and predisposition to recover as well as the practitioner’s ability to deal with unexpected variables. You can remain under a doctor’s care through the initial visit, subsequent diagnosis, procedure and rehabilitation, and then have periodic check-ups to ensure your continuing health. The stages of Financial Event Planning are not much different from this.

Learn More About Each Stage

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